Vins René Krippes

Making wine I enjoy
As a wine lover, I wanted to produce my own wine. So I set up a small winery (a demanding hobby) in Rosport, on the slopes of a place called "Hoelt" – a region that can be compared to the northern part of the Moselle, where the soil is also limestone. My aim is to produce wines that I enjoy. It is quality that counts! The yields are limited (30-40 l/are) and the harvest is late. We use 3 cultivars: Auxerrois, Pinot Gris and Riesling. The wines are matured at the Château Pauqué (Abi Duhr) in Grevenmacher, in the typical style of the winery (slow, spontaneous fermentation for up to 12 months).
11a, rue du Pont
L-6581 Rouspert
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