Metzlerei Wietor

Traditional butcher’s shop
Home-made cold cuts, sausages, smoked meat and fresh meat
We have been making our products for 40 years in Beaufort, according to a time-honoured artisanal tradition. We process beef and pork from Luxembourg, as well as game from the hunts in our region. These basic products are subject to strict quality control and enable us to avoid long transport routes for the animals or finished products. In our two shops you will find specialities such as sausages, hams, pâtés, jellies, sausages, seasonal preparations as well as beautiful pieces of meat such as steak, escalope, roulade, wine sausages, minced meat and various other variants of beef, pork, veal, mutton and poultry.
89A, Grand-Rue
L-6310 Beefort
117, route de Luxembourg
L-6562 Iechternach
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